May 1961
Ryonan Electric Industrial factory was established as an electrical part repair industry.
Jul. 1967
Made an organization change to Ryonan Electric Corporation. Dedicated to lead wire assembly with 2 million yen in capital.
Jul. 1971
Increased capital to 4 million yen.
Aug. 1972
Increased capital to 8 million yen.
Nov. 1972
Established the branch factory at Yumesaki-cho, Himeji. (Yumesaki BF)
Sep. 1974
Increased capital to 12 million yen.
Sep. 1977
Increased capital to 18 million yen.
Jul. 1979
Expanded factory adjacent to the head office.
Nov. 1980
Increased capital to 21.6 million yen.
Aug. 1988
Expanded factory adjacent to the head office. Established the new head office.
Apr. 1990
Established Izumo factory at 729-10 Nagahama-cho, Izumo, Shimane.
Apr. 1994
Started bio division in Izumo factory.
Nov. 1995
Established RYONAN ELECTRIC PHILIPPINES CORPORATION at Laguna Technopark, Philippines.
Jul. 1999
Philippines factory obtained ISO9002 certification.
May 2000
The head office obtained ISO9002 certification.
Nov. 2002
Philippines factory obtained QS9000 certification.
Dec. 2002
The head office revised ISO9001 standard.
Sep. 2003
Established RYONAN ELECTRIC VIETNAM CO.,LTD. at Thang Long Industrial Park, Vietnam.
Apr. 2005
Philippines factory obtained ISO14001 certification.
Oct. 2005
Vietnam factory obtained ISO9002 certification.
Aug. 2006
Philippines factory obtained TS16949 certification.
Nov. 2006
Izumo factory obtained ISO14001 certification.
Apr. 2007
Increased capital to 35.1 million yen.
Jul. 2007
Established two story new warehouse at 1, Kameyama, Himeji.
Aug. 2011
Established RYONAN ELECTRIC INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED at Manesar Industrial Park, Haryana, India.
Jan. 2012
Established the new head office and the new factory at 2-222-3, Kameyama Himeji.
Jul. 2015
India factory obtained TS16949 certification.
Jul. 2017
50th anniversary of its founding
Apr. 2019
Izumo factory obtained ISO9001 certification.
Jun. 2019
Be awarded “はばたく中小企業・小規模事業者300社”.
はばたく中小企業小規模事業者300社 表彰
はばたく中小企業小規模事業者300社 表彰
Aug. 2019
The article about our CEO was published in 年輪.
年輪 社長記事掲載
年輪 社長記事掲載
Sep. 2019
We contribute to blood donation of The Japanese Red Cross Society.
日本赤十字社 献血貢献
Oct. 2019
Be awarded “兵庫県労働基準連合会 安全表彰”
兵庫県労働基準連合会 安全表彰
FY 2018 Be awarded “品質アワード”
FY 2013 Be awarded “生産貢献賞”